Warnings of Deadly Spiders Potentially Invading U.S. States

Pest control experts have urged residents of Texas, Arizona, and other southwestern U.S. states to remain vigilant this summer due to fears of a spread of deadly black widow spiders, according to the “Daily Mail”.

The newspaper, citing experts, reported that this spider “can bite with a neurotoxic venom that is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake.”

The venom secreted by the spider is known as latrotoxin, causing severe pain, muscle cramps, heart problems, abdominal spasms, and can paralyze the diaphragm, leading to breathing difficulties and posing a risk to the health of children and the elderly.

Scientists have urged local residents to take necessary precautions when handling stored goods or working in areas where these spiders may be hiding.

Bryant McDowell, a pest management specialist, stated: “I have personally encountered black widow spiders in outdoor trash bins and under outdoor furniture.”

Experts noted that these spiders prefer to hide in sheltered places, including under stones, wood piles, holes dug by other animals, and hollow tree trunks.

Scientists agree that this species is not aggressive towards humans unless it feels threatened.

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