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Washington denies using floating dock in rescue of Israeli hostages and announces completion of aid deliveries

Yesterday, with the military operation carried out by Israeli forces in the Nuseirat neighborhood following the rescue of four hostages, the situation in the Gaza Strip has become extremely tense, especially with the death of over 270 Palestinians and accusations against the American side for participating in the hostage rescue operation.

The current situation between the United States and Israel has witnessed further skirmishes recently, despite Israel being the strongest ally of the United States in the Middle East. The United States supports Israel financially and politically and was among the first countries to announce its support at the beginning of the current war.

Denial of Assistance in the Operation

The U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) issued a statement denying any role in using the floating dock in the rescue operation of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in the Nuseirat camp in Gaza. Reports had mentioned that the rescue forces entered the camp under humanitarian cover through aid vehicles from the floating marine dock.

In a statement, CENTCOM said that the humanitarian floating dock, including its equipment, personnel, and resources, was not used in the rescue operation in Gaza. The statement added: “The Israelis used the area south of the dock to safely return the hostages to Israel,” and noted that any claim otherwise is false.

Floating Dock for Aid Only

The statement also confirmed that the temporary dock on the coast of Gaza was established for one purpose only, which is to assist in transporting additional lifesaving aid that Gaza desperately needs.

The U.S. State Department welcomed the rescue of four Israeli hostages in Gaza, who were kidnapped by Hamas during its unprecedented attack on Gaza, confirming that the United States will not rest until every hostage is returned home. This shows the direct and indirect support of the United States towards Israel, despite Washington expressing several reservations about the conduct of the Israeli army operations in Gaza while sparing no effort to show its unconditional support regarding what it describes as Israel’s right to defend itself. The U.S. support for Israel varies between political, military, and intelligence support.

Analyst Reactions

Palestinian political analyst Ayman al-Raqab stated that while the United States denies participation in the operation, videos showed the hostages being evacuated through the American dock, although aid has not yet been introduced into Gaza despite the American announcements of their readiness to provide substantial aid. The State Department’s statement is clear in its support for Israel, especially as the Biden administration fears not supporting Israel in light of the upcoming elections in November.

Al-Raqab also pointed out that there are international concerns about the massacres committed by Israeli forces in Nuseirat, leading the United States to deny involvement, especially with the number of civilian deaths rising to 274 in less than 24 hours and the ongoing siege for eight months.

Political analyst Mokhtar Ghobashi added that the strongest support Washington provides to its ally Tel Aviv is weapon supplies. Throughout the eight months of war, the strong presence of American military tools in the Gaza battles has been revealed every time, whether in terms of weapons, equipment, or troops, all of which serve Israel’s interests exclusively.

Ghobashi affirmed that the current situation does not indicate the United States’ readiness to stop the violence as announced by President Joe Biden, whose recent speech sparked controversy for being purely rhetorical.

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