What are the messages from the Gulf summit with Central Asian countries? 

The Gulf summit with Central Asian countries has issued several important messages

The summit highlighted the importance of enhancing political and strategic relations between the Gulf countries and Central Asia, emphasizing the significance of dialogue and partnership towards new horizons in various fields.

The closing statement of the summit, held in Jeddah, stressed the importance of strengthening political and strategic relations between the two sides and condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, in addition to respecting the sovereignty of nations and refraining from interfering in their internal affairs.

Continued Coordination

The Gulf Cooperation Council and Central Asian countries emphasized the importance of “continuing coordination to achieve regional and international stability.”

Both sides reaffirmed the significance of ongoing cooperation between the Gulf Cooperation Council and Central Asia in international forums and organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to address the economic challenges facing the world.

Condemnation of Terrorism

The Gulf Cooperation Council and Central Asian countries strongly condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and emphasized the need to dry up its sources of funding.

They also stressed the “importance of developing transportation routes between the two regions, building strong logistic and trade networks, and developing efficient systems that contribute to the exchange of products.” Moreover, they emphasized enhancing trade cooperation and encouraging joint investments.

The summit’s statement also included support for Saudi Arabia’s bid to host Expo 2030.

The New Gulf Organization

On his part, Major Ahmed Al-Shahri, a prominent Saudi political analyst, clarified that the new policy of the Gulf system, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is based on establishing international relations through adopting the language of dialogue and economic partnerships. He added, “This would lay the foundation for achieving common interests through dialogue that leads to resolving disputes through political and diplomatic channels”.

He further emphasized that Saudi Arabia’s political diplomacy continues to excel and stand out both on the Arab and international levels, through political and economic initiatives to strengthen political and economic partnerships with countries around the world. He considered the summit a Gulf consultative meeting to review achievements and project the future based on the emerging data.

He stated “It is a Gulf summit with Central Asian tigers to crystallize a political and economic partnership, and build strong Asian alliances for construction, development, economic partnerships, and global energy planning amidst global geopolitical changes”.

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