Whirlpools on the Moon… Study reveals the secret of “shiny wrinkles” 

Scientists in an extensive study on “lunar swirls” have confirmed that at least two of these swirls are related to lunar topography.

This analysis comes in an attempt to understand the reason behind the existence of these shiny wrinkles on the moon‘s surface, mysterious features that appear on the moon‘s surface, and astronomers are still trying to understand their origin.

Scientists examined the swirls in the “Mare Ingenii” region, where they found that the bright lines in this area are less reflective than the dark lanes between them by about 2-3 meters.

Finding this correlation is noteworthy, but it is not enough to determine the relationship. Therefore, scientists conducted an analysis of another swirl known as “Reiner Gamma” and found similar results.

Planetary scientist John Wareyish stated that this discovery indicates a connection between surface topography and lunar swirls, although things are not simple.

Wareyish explained that the relationship only appears when comparing the average elevation of bright and dark areas, not when comparing the elevation map with swirl images.

Wareyish concluded by saying that lunar swirls remain a subject of great interest, as understanding how they form may contribute to revealing natural processes or currently unknown phenomena.

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