Who is the “mysterious imam” who supported the Malian president and helped to overthrow him?

Malian coup

Mali has lived rapid dramatic events
The army moved and arrested the president, and announced its control of the government during hours
Who is responsible for these events?
According to several evaluations, he is the religious leader Mahmoud Deko
he is of Arab origin and comes from the historic region of Timbuktu in central Mali
He continued his studies in Mauritania and Saudi Arabia and was a teacher of the Arabic language before turning to the imamate and jurisprudence
and became a speaker whose speeches became famous on local radio
Reports show that Deco has close ties with Al Qaïda
His influence emerged in 2009 when he became president of the Supreme Islamic Council
he forced the government to review the Personal Status Code, particularly the equality
and he then forced the government to go back from the decree of a law on homosexuality and to teach sex education in schools
Each time the street was disturbed by an alliance with the Sufi leader, Sharif Enyur
In 2013, he widely entered the political world with the support of President “Ibrahim Abu Bakr Keita”
Then he disagreed with him in 2017 and started to oppose him
Two years later, in alliance with Enyur, he succeeds in forcing Keita to dismiss the prime minister and change his government
In April 2019, he left the presidency of the Supreme Islamic Council
and he formed a new movement called Coordination of Movements and Support Groups for Imam Deko
which is the solid core of the opposition movement that demanded the resignation of President Keita and led to his overthrow
Although Deko does not show a great desire to be in politics or come to power, as he said
So at the same time he played the role of “kingmaker”, which means he was the one who chose the president and his collaborators
So do we consider him to be the leader of Mali in the coming days?

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