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Who’s Hindering the Geneva Agreement? Houthi Militias and the Muslim Brotherhood Exchange Accusations

The terrorist Houthi militias and the Muslim Brotherhood group in Yemen are exchanging accusations over the failure to implement the Geneva agreement for prisoner exchanges and prison visits.

The “National Committee for Prisoner Affairs,” affiliated with the coup militias in the capital Sanaa, stated that the Al-Islah party (the Muslim Brotherhood‘s arm in Yemen) had hindered the implementation of the Geneva agreement for prisoner exchanges and prison visits by both sides, signed under the auspices of the United Nations in March last year, according to the Yemeni News website.

The committee’s president, Abdel Qader Al-Murtadha, explained in a post on the “X” platform that the agreement stipulated “two main points: the formation of a team from both sides to visit prisons in Sanaa and Marib, and that this visit would include all prisoners from both sides, and the implementation of the agreed exchange, which includes (1400) prisoners from both sides.”

He emphasized that unfortunately, “the agreement was not implemented because the leaders of the Al-Islah party in Marib refused to implement it, and they placed obstacles and conditions that delayed its implementation,” adding: “Yet, we hear them shouting these days that we did not allow the visit of Mohammed Qahtan, while they prevent the visit of all prisons and all prisoners from both sides, even in the presence of a signed agreement stipulating it.”

It is worth noting that Yemen witnesses many contradictions in the Muslim Brotherhood‘s dealings with the terrorist Houthi militias. While Brotherhood leaders applaud Houthi attacks on ships and disrupt international navigation, others criticize them and accuse them of terrorism.

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