Why Did the American and British Intelligence Create the Muslim Brotherhood? Writer Thierry Meyssan Answers

Documents from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) revealed that the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to eliminate the concept of the nation-state, and both the British foreign intelligence service MI6 and the American Central Intelligence Agency utilized the group to achieve this objective.

The renowned French writer, Thierry Meyssan, who has authored numerous books on the subject, disclosed that the so-called National Endowment for Democracy (NED) played the role of a hidden agent for the Central Intelligence Agency, aiming to divert any suspicion from the activities of the Brotherhood. Meyssan described the group as one of the largest networks of corruption in the world, having established seemingly unsuspecting relationships with both right-wing and left-wing political organizations and funded them to defend America’s interests rather than the interests of its own members, according to an article by writer Atef Al-Ghamri in the UAE’s Gulf newspaper.

The book in which Meyssan recorded this information is titled “In Front of Our Eyes: Fake Wars and Great Lies,” and it covers events from September 11, 2001, to the time of President Trump’s term.

In his book, the author described the establishment of the secret apparatus for the Muslim Brotherhood, which was developed by the British intelligence MI6, and its main operations involved political assassinations. In one chapter entitled “The Muslim Brotherhood: Mercenaries for the British and American Intelligence,” Meyssan stated that the National Security Strategy formulated by strategic thinker Zbigniew Brzezinski during Carter’s presidency was explained in a NATO meeting in Austria in 1979. It emphasized that the Brotherhood would not only play a major role against the Soviets and create disturbances in Central Asia but also have a fundamental role in disintegrating the states in the region into hostile mini-states, which would be in the interest of Israel.

This model was applied by issuing instructions to them from Washington in the 1980s to initiate a transformation in the national identity of Algerian society by establishing a free healthcare clinic, a school, and mosques in Algerian villages to attract people to their cause, apart from the state. The Muslim Brotherhood followed the same pattern in Egypt.

President Reagan issued a directive in 1993 instructing the head of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to assist both the Central Intelligence Agency and the British intelligence in supporting the Brotherhood in any form.

In the period from 1972 to 1973, and with an official directive from the British Foreign Office and MI6, British politician Sir James Craig and British Ambassador to Egypt Richard Beaumont launched an intensive campaign to harness the Brotherhood to serve Britain and America’s interests by acting against advocates of the nation-state in Egypt.

During Carter’s tenure and in the context of efforts to create what was called the “Greater Middle East” as a target for their national security, Brzezinski issued instructions to provide military equipment to the Muslim Brotherhood.

In this regard, the Islamic Bank, or the ICCI Bank, was instrumental, and it was founded with the help of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to enable the Central Intelligence Agency to use it in funding those groups and empower the Muslim Brotherhood to continue performing the tasks assigned to them by Washington.

The author’s documents reach the period of the Brotherhood’s rule in 2012-2013, where their intent to threaten Egypt’s national identity became evident.

In this broader context, as the author explains, there was a resemblance between the Brotherhood and organizations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda as they all collaborated to undermine the nation-state.

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