Why You Should Stop Putting Milk In Your Morning Coffee?

Even those who love the taste of coffee often can’t resist adding a little extra cloud of milk to sweeten the taste. This innocuous habit would however be harmful to health.

Getting a big mug of coffee in the morning when you wake up is probably one of the best times of the day for those who appreciate it. A simple small gesture could however ruin this ritual: to add milk to it to soften the bitterness and the acidity.

Manager ? casein

And this not because of the lactose present in milk, which many people are intolerant to, but rather because of another protein, casein. This would basically offer the body a slower digestion. Coupled with coffee, caseins would become much larger so as to make digestion even more complicated for the stomach.

Result ? Bloating, a feeling of heaviness but also difficulty digesting. Nothing dramatic for health, so the advice is not to completely remove milk from your coffee because it is in no way a poison for the body. Rather, it is a nutritional recommendation for stomach comfort. If you don’t feel any inconvenience drinking it, then there is no reason to stop. If you feel bloated, on the other hand, perhaps try vegetable milks (almond, soy, etc.) which are also less caloric than cow’s milk.

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