Winter without snow: Disappearance of ice freezes activity in italy 

A renowned skiing resort in central Italy has turned into a deserted area this winter, with several residents and businesses attributing this situation to climate change.

This transformation is due to temperatures resembling spring, leading to a lack of snowfall in the mountains. Ski lifts have been closed, and snow cannons ceased operation on Mount Terminillo, which rises 2,217 meters in the Apennine Mountains, a preferred destination for skiers from Rome. Additionally, almost all commercial activities have shut down.

Vincenzo Regineni, the head of a company managing local transportation facilities and ski lifts, stated, “There is a vital component missing for the ski facility, which is snow.”

He told Reuters that not only has there been a lack of snowfall, but also the high temperatures have made it impossible to produce artificial snow using snow cannons.

He said, “Turning water into snow requires temperatures approaching at least zero degrees. Last week, the temperature was 12 degrees Celsius.”

Rising temperatures pose a threat to the skiing industry worldwide, but Italy, known for its relatively low-altitude resorts in the Apennines and the Alps, is heavily affected by this year’s temperature drop.

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