Space Elevators: A physicist’s proposal to save expenses 

Physicists at North Eastern University in the United States are proposing the concept of space elevators as an alternative to traditional rocket launches for sending humans and cargo into space.

The idea, discussed in a university press release, involves a cable stretching from the Earth’s surface through the atmosphere and beyond geostationary orbit, serving as a stable counterweight on the structure of the satellite.

This theoretical structure could significantly reduce the astronomical costs associated with rocket launches, providing a more economical way to access outer space.

The main component of the cable is of utmost importance, positioned along the Earth’s equator and synchronized with the Earth’s rotation to achieve the necessary stability for such a long structure. However, many technical obstacles, such as restrictions imposed on standard materials like steel, may hinder the development of the space elevator.

Researchers point out that materials such as nanotube boron nitride pipes, nanodiamond threads, and graphene, with low density and high tensile strength, show promising results in overcoming these challenges.

Researchers explain that the potential benefits of space elevators include significantly reducing the cost of placing payloads beyond geostationary orbit, making space exploration more economical.

Acknowledging the significant initial investment required, researchers point to the possibility of recovering costs after successfully launching a few tons of payload.

This concept is seen as holding promise for transforming humanity into a space-faring civilization, enabling safe and cost-effective transportation of heavy payloads to space stations, asteroid exploration, or developing habitats outside of planet Earth.

Researchers emphasize that with the advancement of materials science, space technology, and engineering, the concept of space elevators may become a feasible option in the not-too-distant future.

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