Yemen: Jabari and Ben Dagher are trying to end international legitimacy and spread chaos

Yemeni Shura Council President Ahmed ben Dagher and Yemeni Deputy Parliament Speaker Abdulaziz Jabari have called for the formation of a national salvation alliance, which has been widely condemned by many Yemenis.

“Yemeni officials have lashed out at the call by the two close associates of the Muslim Brotherhood to form a national salvation alliance, saying it directly targets the presidency and destroys Yemen’s internationally recognized legitimacy”.

Meanwhile, the presidency of the Yemeni parliament said: “The bilateral statement was shocking and surprising, and expressed an individual opinion that it does not represent at all”, el-Yamn el-Araby reported. “The content of the statement does not represent the interests of the Yemeni people”.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives described the statement issued by Jabari and Ben Dagher as “surprising and shocking, and it expresses only an individual opinion, and does not represent the Council of Representatives or its Presidency, close or distant”.

The statement indicated that Representative Abdulaziz Jabari, a member of the Council’s Presidency Council, “did not put it in the form of the statement, nor did he discuss it with it. It does not see in this statement, either in its content or in its content, what expresses the interests of the Yemeni people”.

According to the House of Representatives Presidency, “Peace is an issue and the goal of legitimacy, and the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the first place, and achieving it requires a field moral equation, away from individual leaps and personal interests that harm the Yemeni cause”.

Najeeb Ghallab, undersecretary of the Yemeni Ministry of Information, said the statement reflects the plots targeting legitimacy from within, targeting the presidency, and trying to create chaos in a way that serves the interests of the Houthi group.

He added in a press statement to Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper: “In practical terms, its mechanisms include spreading chaos and sabotage, destroying legitimacy from within it, trying to end the current internationally recognized legitimacy, and creating a parallel legitimacy that effectively ends the idea of the Yemeni state”.

Ghallab considered the content of the statement “direct targeting of the presidential institution and an attempt to create an alternative, through the call for national consensus. The statement also represents a clear flirtation with the Houthis that is moving in one direction, which is to re-create a path to condemn legitimacy and the alliance at the same time, and this serves the interests of the Houthis”.

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Information asked: “Are Ben Dagher and Jabari’s ambitions to be an alternative to legitimacy and Houthi legitimization?”

He continued: “They do not constitute any real force, neither on the field nor on the political level. They are therefore a chaotic and vocal phenomenon that shocked all Yemenis opposed to the Houthi movement, and even the Houthis themselves have dealt with them as political adolescents who do not understand what is happening”.

Najeeb concluded his speech by warning all national forces that “the riot practice, which is managed by the plots of some international powers, is not applicable in Yemen. There is a clear and unambiguous national path and an Arab project that is working in full swing to save Yemen from this dilemma, which wants to turn Yemen into a chaotic geography to blackmail the Gulf countries”.

In their statement yesterday, Jabari and Ben Dagher accused the coalition of failing to achieve the stated goals of the “Decisive Storm”, calling legitimacy “incompetent”, and called for an end to the war, hinting at peace with the Houthi militias after the military solution reached a dead end, they said, and demanded the formation of what they called a “salvation alliance,” rejecting the imamate and protecting the Republic, accusing the legitimate Republic of renouncing its leadership role in the battle.

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