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Yemen… Shabwah Defense Forces Capture Al-Qaeda Leaders

The Shabwah Defense Forces in Yemen announced on Thursday evening that they had successfully carried out a high-profile security operation resulting in the capture of several leaders affiliated with the “Al-Qaeda” organization, active in the Shabwah province in eastern Yemen.

These forces, in an official statement released through the official spokesperson of the Armed Southern Forces known as “Southern Shield,” stated that two terrorist leaders, Ahmed Mubarak Al-Khadir Al-Diyani and Ahmed Mohsen Al-Ja’ba Ba’oudah, were apprehended during a recent special security operation.

The statement indicated that preliminary investigations with those apprehended revealed their involvement in multiple terrorist operations targeting the security and military forces in the Shabwah province, resulting in the deaths of dozens of soldiers and security personnel.

Furthermore, as per the statement, the course of the investigations revealed the existence of dangerous elements affiliated with the organization who were hiding within the community, including Saddam Hassan Majrab Al-Sulaimani, known as “Abu Al-Hasan Al-Sulaimani.” He was one of the members of the Reform Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, and he passed away yesterday.

According to the Shabwah Defense Forces statement, “Al-Sulaimani” is considered one of the most significant terrorist elements relied upon by the terrorist organization, especially in facilitating its movements, enabling the tracking of military and security forces, as well as accompanying the organization’s members and transporting them from one area to another. Additionally, he was involved in transporting explosive devices and ammunition stored in his residence, delivering them to other members of the organization.

The statement further stated that after the relevant authorities conducting the investigation became aware of all this information, they immediately moved to apprehend “Al-Sulaimani” at the end of last month. After being arrested from his residence, he confessed during the interrogations to joining and affiliating with Al-Qaeda in 2020, with the recruitment facilitated by a leader named “Abu Awad Al-Tusli.” He also admitted to carrying out various activities and operations for the benefit of the terrorist organization.

In the context of the statement, the Shabwah Defense Forces reported that “Al-Sulaimani” suffered a health setback on the past Monday, complaining of abdominal pain. He was subsequently transferred to Ataq General Hospital for medical examinations. After undergoing medical tests, it was determined that he suffered from chronic illnesses, including kidney failure and heart muscle weakness, which required him to remain hospitalized for further treatment. However, his health deteriorated further and, on Wednesday evening, he passed away.

The Shabwah Defense Forces vehemently denied the rumors circulating in some media outlets, news websites, and various social media platforms that suggested his death resulted from torture, as stated in the statement.

The statement emphasized that the Shabwah Defense Forces are in the process of publishing all the confessions made by the terrorist elements, documented with audio and video evidence, to inform the public of the investigation’s results.

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