Thought It Was Chocolate… Norwegian Finds “Luxurious Necklace”

A Norwegian man discovered rare gold jewelry dating back to the sixth century after he followed his doctors’ advice to increase his physical activity by using a newly purchased metal detector. This discovery was described as the “gold find of the century” in Norway.

A statement from the University of Stavanger in the southwest quoted Erlend Boor, who said, “I initially thought they were pieces of chocolate or belonged to Captain Sabellian,” a famous fictional Norwegian pirate.

The university announced that what was discovered consisted of nine pieces and a collection of granules that once formed a luxurious gold necklace, along with three rings made of the same metal.

An amateur archaeologist made this discovery at the end of August on a farmer’s land near Stavanger. The man in his fifties, who had childhood dreams of becoming an archaeologist, bought a metal detector to motivate himself to leave the house and increase his physical activity, following the recommendation of his physician and physical therapist.

He was about to head back home when he heard his device ringing on the slope of a hill. He contacted the local archaeological authority, which sent representatives to take charge of the matter.

The authority stated that the jewelry, weighing just over a hundred grams in total, dates back to around 500 AD, a period marked by significant migrations of peoples in Europe.

Ole Madsen, the director of the archaeological museum at the University of Stavanger, said, “What has been recorded is the discovery of the century in Norway,” adding, “Finding such a large quantity of gold at once is extremely rare.”

The last similar discovery in the Scandinavian country dates back to the nineteenth century.

Archaeologists mentioned that this discovery is unique in terms of the images depicted on the gold pieces, which represent a type of horse mentioned in Norse mythology.

Professor Haakon Rasmussen said, “Based on the discovery site and lessons learned from similar finds, these pieces are likely either valuable hidden treasures or offerings to the gods during a turbulent period.”

According to the law, Erlend Boor and the landowner are supposed to receive a reward whose value has not yet been determined.

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