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Yemeni Artifacts in Israeli Museums… Houthis Engage in These Criminal Activities

The Houthi militias in Yemen are engaged in various criminal activities such as trafficking in artifacts, drugs, and hashish, aiming to control illicit revenue sources, exploiting their ability to recruit promoters and traders to work for them in exchange for financial rewards or benefits, or even freezing assets for individuals imprisoned for criminal offenses they committed.

In a related context, Yemeni researcher specializing in archaeological affairs, Abdullah Mohsen, revealed the display of a piece of ancient Yemeni artifacts at an international auction in Israel.

Mohsen stated on his Facebook page: “A rare bronze statue of a young man from ancient Yemen was put up for sale the day before yesterday on the (BidSpirit) global auction platform from inside an auction showroom in the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv.”

The researcher Mohsen continued: “The auction featured (7) treasures of Yemeni artifacts, one of which attracted significant attention in this auction, namely a bronze statue of a young man dating back to the period from the fourth century to the second century BC.”

The Houthi gang facilitated the sale and smuggling of numerous manuscripts and rare artifacts, which are currently being exhibited in Israel and several other countries, such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Spain, France, and others.

In the context of other crimes, sources quoted by the Al-Muntaser Net website confirmed that the Houthis flooded the “Shuabah” area in the “Dhayban” district of the Amran Governorate with drugs and hashish.

The sources added that the hashish trade gained popularity in those areas for the benefit of influential Houthi leaders who facilitate their entry without controlling drug trafficking gangs.

The sources clarified that a group of individuals caught with drugs in Amran received high-level Houthi directives to release them, despite complaints from residents of the area, yet the security apparatus under the authority of the Houthis showed no interest in them.

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