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In order to compensate for their fighters’ shortage, Houthi militias exploit the Israeli aggression on Gaza

Houthi militias, supported by Iran and designated as terrorists, exploit the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip to recruit young Yemenis into their ranks, aiming to make up for the shortfall of their fighters lost in battles and those who have deserted and left their fighting ranks.

The Yemeni news agency “Khabar” reported, citing informed sources, that Houthi militias have initiated extensive recruitment operations in various Yemeni provinces under their control since the middle of the past week. They claim to recruit them to fight in the occupied Palestinian territories, amidst an influx of young people.

According to sources, the Houthi militias have leveraged the Israeli aggression on Gaza to carry out their plans in Yemen. This includes collecting donations, imposing levies on merchants and institutions, organizing events to gain the trust of the Yemeni people, and using this as an opportunity to recruit young people into their ranks.

According to the sources, the militias aim to enroll young recruits in their training camps and then send them to the battlefronts in the western coast, Ma’rib, Taiz, Aden, and other fronts, under the guise of fighting against Israel in Yemen.

The sources revealed that the Houthi militias have appointed a number of their leaders to form groups responsible for recruitment. Each member of the group brings in a young person who receives a sum of 10,000 Yemeni rials. Various phone numbers have been distributed on social media platforms, recruiting for their cause, rather than for the Palestinian cause.

The Houthi militias aim to compensate for the shortage of their fighters, those they have lost in various battlefronts, and those who have left their ranks due to discovering their true nature and deceit towards the Yemeni people.

The Houthi leader had previously threatened to enter into events in Gaza and attack Israel with missiles. and drones if two conditions were met: direct U.S. involvement in the war. and Israel crossing unspecified red lines. without specifying what those red lines were after all that its military apparatus had done in the Gaza Strip.

While Houthi followers fell in line with his claims and ignored his contradictions and deceptions, Yemenis on various social media platforms, in the streets, and public gatherings ridiculed his speech in which he reneged on his constant promises and used it in his group’s war and actions against society.

Since its inception and rise, the Houthi group has raised the slogan of death to America and Israel, and under this slogan. it committed all kinds of atrocities against Yemenis. overthrowing their state and national consensus. plunging the country into war and political. economic, and social crises. destroying institutions. and undermining social coexistence.

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