Greek Foreign Minister: Turkey became a clear threat to Europe’s stability, the Middle East, the Arab world, and the Caucasus region

Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, reported that Turkey is executing military operations on foreign lands and occupying lands in neighboring countries, with threats to inflame a war, affirming that it threatens Europe’s stability, the Arabs, and the Caucasus.

Dendias also said that Turkey opposes European countries’ sovereignty and sovereign rights, showing that it transports extremists and intervenes in other countries’ internal affairs by backing extremist actions.

He indicated that if Turkey’s departure from European values is not sentenced, those who call for modernization and enhance ties with Europe within Turkish society would be weakened in the domestic arena.

Exploiting the migrant crisis

Besides, the Greek Foreign Minister accused Ankara of exploiting the migrant crisis, and locally it’s violating human rights, and creating a sphere of influence in the region. For his, Turkey had become a clear threat to Europe’s stability, the Middle East, the Arab world, and the Caucasus region in general.

It should be noted that NATO allies Greece and Turkey live in a tense confrontation in the eastern Mediterranean. In fact, Turkey is discovering energy reserves on the seabed area that Greece said it is within its continental shelf.

The conflict between Ankara and Athens

Moreover, Ankara relates that it has all right to explore and prospect there, accusing Greece of taking an unfair share of marine resources. While the Greek armed forces were set on alert.

Otherwise, the two countries have dispatched warships to the region, and live ammunition operations are being carried out in the area between Crete, Cyprus, and Turkey’s southern coast. Furthermore, simulated fights between Greek and Turkish pilots over the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean have increased.

Last month, two Turkish and Greek frigates struck which causing minor damage to the Turkish frigate without any wounds. The current crisis is the most dangerous in decades in the history of ties between the two countries.

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