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“50 Years / 50 Faces” Campaign highlights UAE-US cooperation

The UAE embassy in Washington launched the “50 Years/50 Faces” campaign as part of the 50th National Day celebrations, which will continue until March 2022.

The series includes short video footage in which 50 UAE nationals, residents of the country and American citizens talk about their personal experiences within the framework of the five-decade-long relations between the UAE and the US.

The campaign was designed to reflect the depth of U.A.E.-U.S. relations, friendship and values, and the two countries’ shared vision for a better future.

The anniversary of the departure of Sheikh Zayed. “Principles of 50” immortalize the approach of the founder

The founder of the state, Sheikh Zayed ben Sultan Al Nahyane, “may God bless his soul”, held an extraordinary meeting about 50 years ago with three astronauts from NASA following their return from a historic lunar trip aboard the Apollo 15 spacecraft.

The “50 Years/50 Faces” campaign, which will be launched today, includes the story of this amazing gathering as told by one of its participants – Farouk el-Baz – 47 years after the event.

Yousef al-Otaibi, the UAE ambassador to the United States, said: “This campaign includes a chronicle of rare and special moments that reflect some of the features of U.S.-Emirati relations over the past 50 years, as told by those who lived in them with all their distinctive features, as they are personal experiences that included unexpected events and a story of deep friendship between two countries that have survived over time”.

He added: “As we mark the fiftieth national day of the United Arab Emirates, the “50 Years/50 Faces” campaign embodies the gratitude of the late founder’s father, Sheikh Zayed ben Sultan Al Nahyane, and his legacy and penetrating vision that established a more open, inclusive and participatory society at the global level”.

The video clips include UAE and US officials, thought leaders, academics, and students who share their experiences in various fields, including space, education, arts, culture, religion, and diplomacy. The campaign also features novels about the UAE’s ancient history and its relations with the United States, as well as stories about events that occurred over a period of 15 to 50 years, including important events and events.

In addition to Farouq el-Baz, “50 Years/50 Faces” includes situations, stories and narratives told by the following characters:

– UAE Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al-Otaibi recounts the friendship he developed through his love of football while studying at the prestigious Georgetown University.

– Deep personal impressions by former United States Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Marcelle Wehba on the days following the events of September 11, 2001.

– The ” so we don’t forget ” project, conducted by Professor Michael Bambling, a lecturer at New York University in Abu Dhabi, with Emirati students who have studied information in family records.

– Middle East Grilled Specialist Hatem Matar details his journey to bring the Texas-style grilled meat experiment to the UAE.

All of these graphic novels will be uploaded to the storytelling section of the website: will be promoted through the social media platforms of the UAE Embassy in Washington.

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