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A Fatah Leader: Extending a Helping Hand to Palestinians is a Constant of the UAE

The United Arab Emirates continues its efforts to provide humanitarian and relief support to the brotherly Palestinian people, alongside making intensive contacts to halt escalation and provide immediate protection to civilians, while also continuing efforts to provide necessary support in the health, food, clean water, and shelter sectors”.

Continued Efforts

A report by the Roaya news network reveals that the UAE is working with international partners to ensure safe and sustainable humanitarian corridors to deliver aid, in addition to its intensive contacts to halt escalation and provide immediate protection to civilians. The UAE continues to provide medical assistance to support hospitals in the Gaza Strip, including medicines, medical supplies, as well as tents to accommodate patients.

Extending a Helping Hand

Dr. Jihad Al-Harazin, a Fatah leader and Palestinian political analyst, states: “There is ample Emirati aid to Palestinians that crowns a continuous diplomatic effort to halt escalation, protect all civilians, and push efforts towards a comprehensive and just peace track.”

He added that humanitarian and diplomatic efforts embody sincere Emirati fraternal positions to support Palestine and its just cause, and reflect the UAE’s authentic approach to supporting brothers in various circumstances and extending a helping hand to them, which is a constant of the UAE.

He also emphasized that the UAE promptly sent aid due to the urgent need of the Palestinian people in these difficult circumstances.

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