A gruesome crime shakes Morocco… He lost consciousness and then was run over by a car

The circulation of a video on social media capturing the killing and running over of a young man with a car has sparked waves of anger and condemnation in Morocco.

The video, filmed by surveillance cameras in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant in Casablanca (central), shows the victim receiving a strong blow to the head, causing him to lose consciousness. The suspect then proceeded to run him over with a car after removing its license plates.

According to eyewitness accounts, a dispute erupted between the victim, Badr Bouljouahel, and the suspect due to Badr’s defense of a girl who was harassed by the assailant. The dispute escalated into a gruesome crime.

The victim, Badr Bouljouahel (23 years old), was pursuing his postgraduate studies as a doctoral researcher in Chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Technology in Mohammedia.

The Moroccan authorities managed to apprehend the main suspect in the case in the city of Laayoune (south), after he had fled immediately after committing the criminal act.

According to informed sources, the main suspect has been pursued in this case, along with 4 other individuals who are under arrest, on charges of forming a criminal gang, intentional murder, attempted murder, participation, and aggravated theft.

Justice for Badr

The hashtag “Justice for Badr” has spread across social media platforms in Morocco, where users expressed condemnation and outrage for this crime that claimed the life of a young man.

Sabah Amarani wrote on Twitter: “I watched a video of the cold-blooded murder of Badr despite its brutality and content… I can’t help but wonder, has humanity died in some youth to this extent?”

A Facebook group named “Justice for Badr” posted: “We demand justice for Badr, and we will always remember him in our hearts, and God willing, we will achieve for you what you wished to accomplish in this life through charitable deeds.”

One blogger named Amin stated, “The death penalty must be applied to these criminals… they must serve as an example to others.”

Punishment for Intentional Murder

Many Moroccans have called on social media users to impose the harshest penalties on the main suspect and all those who were involved in this crime, in order to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

Mohamed Akdim, a member of the Council of the Bar Association in Rabat, explains that the punishment for premeditated murder according to Moroccan criminal law is life imprisonment or a fixed-term imprisonment of 30 years, and the penalty could even extend to death.

Akdim adds in a statement to “Sky News Arabia” that charging and issuing a final judgment in such crimes requires conducting preliminary and detailed investigations by the investigating judge into the circumstances and details of the incident.

The lawyer indicates that the participant in intentional murder would face the same prison penalties issued against the main suspect in the murder case.

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