A Wedding Turns into a Tragedy… Details of the Bride’s Story in Tripoli

A wedding celebration turned into a night of tragedy in Lebanon when a family brawl erupted on Saturday evening in the Abi Samra area of the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, during the wedding procession.

What Happened in Tripoli?

The bride “collapsed in her white dress” in the middle of the street, according to an eyewitness who described the heartbreaking scene that spread across social media.

The spokesperson explained the details of the incident:

As the bride was leaving her family’s home and upon the arrival of the wedding procession responsible for managing the celebration in the street, which was near the bride’s residence, the bride’s brother decided to have her ride with him in his car for transportation. At this moment, the groom’s brother refused what the bride’s brother requested, leading to a disagreement that escalated into a brawl. Later, the situation escalated to gunfire, resulting in the death of a person, the bride’s brother, named Moumen Al-Beiruti. Social media platforms buzzed with the scene of the bride’s collapse, her brother crying while she was in her white dress, refusing to accept the harsh reality that unfolded, amid widespread criticism of the reckless use of weapons in the Lebanese streets.

The security forces cordoned off the area and began the necessary procedures, detentions, and investigations.

A cloud of sadness hung over the Abi Samra area, which turned the wedding into a funeral, amidst reports of individuals going into hiding and fears of the situation escalating.

The city of Tripoli witnesses a widespread presence of uncontrolled weapons among the youth, leading to problems and cases of murder.

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