Abou Dabi’s crown prince to visit Turkey: prospects of consolidating bilateral ties across various fields

Turkey’s hopes for the visit of Crown Prince Mohammed ben Zayed of Abou Dabi to Turkey – for the first time in 10 years after a high level of political tension, struggling to survive its painful economic crises for years – are high.

Abou Dabi crown prince visits

Sheikh Mohammed ben Zayed is scheduled to meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan next week. During his visit, he will discuss important economic issues, trade and investment, and ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

The ben Zayed visit comes at the invitation of Erdogan, who has made many concessions over the past period, including overthrowing the Brotherhood, preventing the Turkish media offensive in Abou Dabi, and overcoming all differences between the two countries.

One of the most prominent items of the talks is the opening of a trade route between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates through Iran in order to shorten commercial flights, especially since the two countries put aside their differences for better economic cooperation in several areas after years of tense and hostile relations.

Mutual economic relations

Turkey is waiting for this visit, which it is preparing for in every way possible, and which the media are highlighting, with the aim of improving relations between the two countries, in order to save Turkey, which is mired in collapse and debt.

Time Turk said that the visit would help build a new era for Turkey in the region economically and politically, in cooperation with the UAE, stressing that Ankara would host the strongest Arab figure in the Middle East.

The website said: “Turkey will host the strongest Arab figure in order to repair strained relations, so there are huge hopes for an economic partnership that will not only lead to the start of economic activities in the country, to save Ankara from its economic crisis due to the policies of the Turkish president”.

He said that the UAE is also looking forward to economic returns from the visit and a doubling of investment, as the UAE aims to develop deeper economic ties, according to Turki.com.

The visit will open the doors for cooperation between the two countries and a new era of economic development. Turkey hopes to see investment in electricity generation, as Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth funds are already investing heavily in the Turkish online grocery store Getir and e-commerce platform Trendyol.

In late November, a joint business forum will be held in Dubai and the business world will meet from both sides, opening the door for investment that will create job opportunities for people of different nationalities in the region.

“Turkey hopes to normalize relations and have much greater cooperation with mega-projects and investments in various sectors in the coming days, with bilateral trade between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates at around $9 billion, both sides hope to double that in the coming days, helping to save Turkey”.

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