After Dagalo’s appearance… Political Analyst: the sudanese crisis continues, and its impact on the people will be significant

A political analyst has affirmed that the Sudanese crisis continues, and its impact on the people will be significant

The Sudanese scene is still witnessing various developments between the army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), with the conflict between the two sides persisting. The Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, issued a constitutional decree abolishing the 2017 Rapid Support Forces Act and its 2019 amendments. This comes after months of the Sudanese crisis.

Shortly thereafter, the Deputy Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Abdel Rahim Dagalo, responded to the U.S. sanctions and the decision of the Sudanese army commander to dissolve the forces under its authority, stating that the sanctions imposed by the United States on him were “unjust” because the entities that issued the sanctions did not hesitate to find out who is causing discord and killing people in Darfur. He also noted that the U.S. Treasury’s decision is not relevant and does not concern them at all.

Regarding the decisions of Sudanese Army Chief of Staff General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan to dissolve the forces, Dagalo stated, “He does not have the legitimacy to issue a decision to dissolve the Rapid Support Forces.”

A Complicated Situation

Sudanese writer and political analyst Osman Mergani stated that General Al-Burhan had previously issued such a decision weeks after the outbreak of clashes to dissolve the Rapid Support Forces, but that decision had no impact on the ground. Even his decision to dismiss his deputy in the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, from his position had no effect. All of these are attempts to perpetuate and continue the conflict, and overall, this comes within the framework of the escalating exchange between the army and the Rapid Support Forces.

He added that the continuation of the war and its consequences will lead to significant crises in Sudan unless both parties recognize the severity of what they have committed against the nation and the citizens and return to reason, sitting down to resolve all issues through dialogue.

He continued, “General Al-Burhan’s decision coincides with the U.S. sanctions imposed on Hemeti, confirming the local and international violations committed by the Rapid Support Forces. Such decisions will contribute to the continuation and escalation of the crisis, which will have a negative impact on the Sudanese people.”

Severe Sanctions

Sudanese researcher Mohamed Tawarshin, commenting on the future of the Rapid Support Forces after the imposition of sanctions, said that it would contribute, in one way or another, to changing the economic and trade movement of the Rapid Support Forces. This change will directly affect their acquisition of more weapons and military equipment. Therefore, Abdel Rahim Dagalo is known as the economic arm of the Rapid Support Forces, and he is the primary economic official responsible for all economic investments and capabilities related to the Rapid Support Forces.

He pointed out in television statements that these sanctions would lead to a change in economic and trade influence directly in an attempt to influence the Rapid Support Forces economically. The United States will not stop at this point, and it is likely that this file will be referred to the International Criminal Court, and investigations in the Darfur case will be completed, especially since he is the one holding all the economic files related to the Rapid Support Forces.

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