Al-Bashir and Colleagues’ Escape… The Muslim Brotherhood Attempts to Transfer Them to Another Hospital

Muslim Brotherhood media widely promoted the statements of the defense team for ousted Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir (80 years old) and several Islamic movement leaders regarding their health condition and the need to transfer them to another hospital. Activists saw this as a new attempt to help them escape under the pretext of humanitarian conditions.

Al-Bashir‘s defense team anticipated his transfer along with his former vice president Bakri Hassan Saleh and former defense minister Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein from Omdurman to the military hospital in Merowe, in the north of the country, following a medical report that led to the transfer of two of the accused for treatment.

Lawyer Mohamed Hassan Al-Amin, a member of Al-Bashir‘s defense team, stated to the press that Al-Bashir, Saleh, and Hussein had spent ten months during the war period at Aliyaa Hospital, affiliated with the medical corps in Omdurman, under the guard of military intelligence and judicial police. They suffered when the area was besieged by the Rapid Support Forces and shells fell in Al-Bashir‘s room. Their health condition, he said, necessitates their transfer to Merowe Hospital.

These statements and reports ignited social media, where many users affirmed that transferring Al-Bashir and his companions to Merowe Hospital is a new method to help them escape, after the failure of the Brotherhood’s attempts to get them out of Aliyaa Hospital.

They added that Merowe Hospital cannot secure prisoners, which is why many Brotherhood members in the military are pushing for this transfer, citing humanitarian conditions and the detainees’ health based on a single report.

Al-Bashir and seventeen other military and civilian members of the Muslim Brotherhood are detained on charges related to planning and executing a military coup in 1989 against the elected Prime Minister Sadiq Al-Mahdi’s government, as well as on charges of corruption and money laundering.

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