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Amid Fire and Destruction, Palestinian Children Pay the Price of War’s Horrors and Seek Food

Palestinian children pay the price of war’s horrors and seek food. Since October 7th, children in the Gaza Strip have been suffering from the consequences of the war, which has mainly caused the loss of their future with more than 35,000 deaths, including over 15,000 children, in addition to the injured.

Hunger has become a daily reality in the sector, with the search for food being a priority due to the halt of humanitarian aid entries for over two weeks following the Israeli incursion into the city of Rafah, in the collapsed southern Gaza Strip.

The Collapse of Children’s Lives in Palestine

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics published detailed data on the suffering of Palestinian children, revealing that Israel kills approximately 4 children every hour in the Gaza Strip, and more than 43 children live without their parents or one of them.

The number of children in Palestine is estimated at more than two million, representing about 43% of the total population, with 41% residing in the West Bank and 47% in the Gaza Strip.

Suffering from Food Shortages

Children in the Gaza Strip suffer from deadly hunger due to the halt of food aid flow after the closure of the Rafah border crossing on the Palestinian side and its control by Israeli forces.

Children spend their time trying to stave off hunger by eating leaves due to the lack of sufficient food, exacerbated by the current intensification of the war.

A resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council called for the safe and unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid on a wide scale but did not call for an immediate ceasefire. The Palestinian Red Crescent Society stated that more than 15,000 children have been killed since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7th.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society clarified, via its account on the “X” platform, that 15,103 children have been killed in the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip for more than seven months.

The occupation forces have continued their aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7th, resulting in the death of 35,233 citizens and the injury of 79,141 others.

Political researcher Ayman Al-Raqab states that children are the most affected in the Gaza Strip, suffering from the ongoing war for over seven months. He emphasizes the persistence of impunity for Israeli soldiers, who know they will not be held accountable for their actions, encouraging them to continue and escalate their violations, putting Palestinian civilians’ lives, especially children, at risk.

Al-Raqab adds that since the incursion into the city of Rafah, there is no refuge for children in the Gaza Strip, and aid does not enter as Israeli forces continue to keep the Rafah border crossing closed, preventing Gaza’s residents from connecting with the outside world.

Professor of Political Science and political researcher Tarek Fahmy says that the scenes of children and students being killed in the Gaza Strip have surpassed all conventions and norms. These horrifying scenes, broadcast by media and television channels, reveal the situation in the sector, leaving many children hungry and living under the constant threat of starvation.

Fahmy adds that with the condemnation of Israel by the International Court of Justice, the international community will need to act to protect the children and stop the violence, especially since Israeli operations continue without interruption.

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