Kuwait: 5-Year Prison Sentence for Egyptian Accused of Harassing Three Sisters

A Kuwaiti court sentenced an Egyptian expatriate to five years in prison on Monday after being found guilty of harassing three girls while performing a religious exorcism on them.

Local media reported that the verdict was issued by the Court of Cassation, whose judgments are not subject to appeal, meaning the expatriate will serve the prison term and then be deported from Kuwait after completing the sentence, as stated in the final judicial ruling. The Egyptian expatriate was convicted during the trial stages of assaulting three minor girls from his country, after he deceived them into believing they needed a religious exorcism and that he would cure them of the “possession” they were suffering from.

Local media reported that the father of the three girls resorted to the perpetrator at his residence in the Mahboula area, requesting him to perform a religious exorcism on his daughters to rid them of envy, evil eye, and possession.

At the end of the exorcism session, the father was shocked to find his daughters coming out crying, informing him that they had been harassed by the expatriate. He then reported the incident to the police before it reached the judiciary.

Throughout the trial period, the Egyptian expatriate faced widespread criticism on social media platforms and calls for stricter punishment against him for the crime he committed against the minor sisters.”

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