Amnesty International: Human rights situation deteriorating rapidly in Afghanistan under Taliban rule

Amnesty International has published a detailed report on the human rights situation in Afghanistan over the past two years, saying that the human rights situation has been deteriorating rapidly. Since the Taliban returned to power, 237 people have been summarily executed.

Part of the report focused on the situation in Afghanistan in 2021 and 2022, and the international organization’s overall assessment indicates that the human rights situation is rapidly deteriorating in the country.

Public flogging

According to the report, between 18 November and 16 December, more than 100 people were publicly flogged in sports stadiums in different parts of the country, and in December, an alleged criminal was publicly executed in the western Farah province for the first time, and the international community called the execution a “hateful act.”

Ban on girls’ education

“The Amnesty International report also notes that restrictions on the lives of ordinary people, the education of women and girls, as well as restrictions on the media have increased and halted ways to improve the human rights situation.”

“Furthermore, arbitrary arrests have increased, peaceful protests have not been allowed, and protesters have been suppressed and killed, and the de facto authorities are attempting to carry out these acts unlawfully.”

The report highlights the targeting of former government employees, members of the National Resistance Front and those who do not accept Taliban orders.

Citing the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), the report notes that more than 2,100 innocent civilians were killed and injured in terrorist attacks between August 2021 and June 2022 in Afghanistan.

Human rights violations

At the same time, the report described restrictions on women’s rights to education and employment as clear violations of human rights, denied schoolgirls over the sixth grade to attend classes, and from December onwards, kept the doors of universities and educational institutions closed to female students throughout Afghanistan.

Afghan, Iranian women unite

At the same time, the world has witnessed creative and defiant acts, including Afghan women taking to the streets to protest against the Taliban rule, Iranian women posting videos of themselves cutting their hair in protest against Iran’s abusive laws on the wearing of the veil. It is a relief that thousands remain standing up to this repression by mobilizing to write letters, sign petitions and take to the streets, and it should be a reminder to those in power that our right to demand change and to assemble freely and collectively cannot be taken away.

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