Anger in Jordan After “Brutal” Assault on Teacher

Widespread outrage has erupted on social media in Jordan after a teacher was violently attacked by six individuals, one of whom hit him on the head with a stick and then kicked him to the ground.

The incident took place at a public school in the capital, Amman, where the teacher was trying to break up a student fight. The situation escalated into a group altercation, during which a group of people from outside the school hit the teacher on the head with a stick and then kicked him to the ground.

A student from the school, in cooperation with a student from a neighboring school, participated in the assault on the teacher.

A source in the Ministry of Education said that instructions were issued by the ministry to be cautious in media statements as the incident involves multiple parties and to avoid exacerbating the situation. The source confirmed that the teacher, who was attacked while performing his moral duty in breaking up the student fight, is now receiving treatment in a hospital in the capital.

The source said: “This incident is unusual in our Jordanian society and has shocked us all. We hope that the teacher recovers as soon as possible,” noting that a complaint has been filed with the public security apparatus, the attackers have been arrested, and the ministry will take strict measures and punitive actions against the students involved in the assault.

After the incident, a group of the attackers’ tribesmen visited the teacher’s family in what is known in Jordan as a “Jaha of confession,” a tradition inherited in cases of murder, brawls, and traffic accidents aimed at easing tensions. During the visit, they confirmed their commitment to the judicial process against the attackers.

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