Student Stabs Teacher in France

French authorities arrested an 18-year-old student in western France on Monday after he stabbed a teacher in the face and fled, according to AFP.

A joint statement issued by the authorities, including the prefect and the prosecutor, indicated that the teacher, from the town of Chemillé-en-Anjou in western France, “was injured in the face” but her life is not in danger.

After the attack on Monday morning, the suspect quickly left the scene through a window, leaving behind his weapon, before being apprehended by gendarmes and municipal police, according to the authorities.

Officials said in the statement that the young man had no prior criminal record, and that an investigation for “attempted murder” has been opened.

Prosecutor Éric Bouillard ruled out any “religious or extremist motive” for the attack, adding that the suspect had expressed a feeling of “unhappiness.”

However, the prosecutor noted that the student did not mention any specific grievances against the teacher, adding that while the teacher’s injury was “minor,” the “psychological impact” would be “much greater” than the physical harm.

Education Minister Nicole Belloubet expressed her “deep shock and anger.”

In recent years, France has experienced a series of school incidents involving attacks on teachers and students by their peers.

In April, the French Prime Minister announced measures to address the violence perpetrated by young people in and around schools.

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