Army Airstrikes Hit Kutum Educational Hospital in North Darfur

Dozens of people were killed and many injured during airstrikes carried out by the Sudanese army‘s warplanes on the cities of Kabkabiya, Kutum, and Al-Koma in North Darfur, western Sudan.

The air raids, conducted last night, targeted Kutum Educational Hospital, Khalil Nasr Medical Dispensary in Kabkabiya, three houses in the Um Sayyala area in rural Kutum, and a location near Al-Koma market.

Civil activist Abdel Malik Musa stated in a press interview that the air force targeted Kabkabiya, 136 km west of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, with three explosive barrels dropped on a private dispensary. He pointed out that the bombing of the dispensary immediately resulted in four deaths: Mohammed Suleiman Bilal, 58, a guard at the dispensary; Abdullah Ibrahim Baraka, 32, a worker at the dispensary; Ali Mohammed Ali, 27; and Nasser, 18.

He added, “There are injured and deceased individuals who have not yet been counted, and the air force also targeted the main market, Martyr’s neighborhood, and a kindergarten in the city center without causing any injuries.”

Abdel Malik also reported that the airstrikes targeted three homes in the Um Sayyala area in rural Kutum, resulting in three fatalities.

A medical source at Kutum Hospital, 120 km northwest of El Fasher, stated that the air force targeted the women’s and maternity ward building and the hospital’s electrical system, revealing that one person was injured and the entire electrical power system was destroyed.

He emphasized that the air force targeting the hospital for the second time is an act that should be condemned, as it is a civilian facility that receives civilians and not military personnel.

He added, “Since last March, we have been receiving patients and women outside the hospital as a precaution against airstrikes.”

In Al-Koma locality, 76 km northeast of El Fasher, Saleh Harir, head of the Local Youth Initiative Committee, reported that the air force targeted a location near the city’s market with explosive barrels without causing any harm to lives or properties.

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