“Beryl” Becomes a “Potentially Catastrophic” Category 5 Hurricane

The US National Hurricane Center warned late Monday that the strength of Hurricane “Beryl” had intensified as it advanced in the Caribbean, becoming a “potentially catastrophic” Category 5 hurricane, according to AFP.

In a bulletin issued at 11:00 PM (03:00 GMT Tuesday), the center stated that “Beryl is now a potentially catastrophic Category 5 hurricane,” noting that “fluctuations in strength are possible… but Beryl is expected to remain close to a major hurricane strength as it progresses in the Caribbean towards Jamaica.”

The center explained that Beryl is advancing with maximum sustained winds of 160 miles (260 kilometers) per hour.

Thus, Beryl becomes the earliest Category 5 hurricane ever in the Atlantic hurricane season.

According to the center, the island of Carriacou in Grenada was directly hit by “the extremely dangerous eyewall” of the hurricane, with sustained winds exceeding 150 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, nearby islands, including Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, experienced catastrophic winds and life-threatening storms,” according to the National Hurricane Center.

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