Canada adopts the Israeli narrative regarding the Al-Muamadani hospital massacre

Canada‘s assessment is guided by the analysis of the damage done to the hospital complex, adjacent buildings, and the surrounding area, in addition to the flight pattern of incoming munitions

Its findings align with those of France and the United States. Canada has joined the United States and Israel in considering that the latter is not responsible for the bombing of the Arab Al-Muamadani Civil Hospital in Gaza. Canada stated that it was likely caused by a rocket launched from Gaza that missed its target, based on an analysis of both classified and open-source reports.

The Canadian Ministry of National Defense said in a statement that “the analysis conducted independently by the Canadian Forces Intelligence Command indicates with a high degree of confidence that Israel did not strike the Al-Muamadani Civil Hospital on October 17, 2023.”

Canada clarified that its assessment is guided by the analysis of the damage done to the hospital complex, adjacent buildings, and the area surrounding the hospital, as well as the flight pattern of incoming munitions.

Canada’s results align with the findings of both France and the United States.

The French Military Intelligence Directorate stated on Friday that the explosion that occurred at a hospital in Gaza was not due to an Israeli missile strike but was more likely the result of a Palestinian rocket launch error.

The French Military Intelligence Directorate added, “There is nothing to suggest it was an Israeli strike, but the most likely scenario is that it was a Palestinian rocket that went awry upon launch.”

An official in French Military Intelligence explained, “The nature of the explosion and communication with other intelligence partners lead me to confirm that there is no evidence that it was an Israeli strike. The more likely hypothesis is that it was a Palestinian rocket that exploded with a payload of about five kilograms.”

The Directorate decided to publish its analysis at the request of the French Presidency to ensure transparency, as it identified a gap rather than a crater measuring one meter long and 75 centimeters wide, with a depth of 30 to 40 centimeters. It clarified that “approximately five kilograms of explosive material are required to produce this effect, certainly less than ten kilograms.”

The official emphasized that “the hypothesis of an Israeli bomb or missile is not possible because the explosive charge for this type of weapon is no less than 250 kilograms. A missile of this type would have caused a much larger crater.” He pointed out the “consistency of a five-kilogram payload with the rockets in the possession of the Palestinians or those they manufacture.”

Palestinian officials reported that 471 people were killed in the explosion that targeted the Al-Muamadani Hospital last Tuesday.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza accused Israel of being responsible for the attack, while Israel claimed that the explosion resulted from a rocket launched by activists that missed its target.

Israel has intensified its airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip, with Palestinian sources reporting on Sunday that at least 80 Palestinians were killed in overnight raids. The sources mentioned that Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of airstrikes on residential neighborhoods and civilian structures in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Interior in Gaza reported that at least 12 people were killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted a café in Khan Younès in the southern part of the Strip. Rescuers and relief workers also announced the retrieval of nine bodies from under the rubble of a destroyed house in an Israeli airstrike in the town of Beit Lahia in the northern part of the Strip.

Salama Maarouf, the head of the government media office in Gaza, said during a press conference on Saturday evening in Gaza that Israel’s continuous attacks for the third week have led to the displacement of around 1.4 million people, half of them in United Nations shelters.

Maarouf explained that they have observed the targeting of 164,000 housing units, with 15,100 of them destroyed, while about 139,000 housing units were partially damaged, including 10,656 units that are unfit for habitation.

He added that 67 government buildings and dozens of public and service facilities have been destroyed by Israeli attacks, causing significant damage. Additionally, 176 schools suffered various degrees of damage, with 30 schools taken out of service.”

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