Casualties in Latest Sudanese Army Airstrikes on Three Areas in Darfur

On Tuesday, Sudanese military warplanes carried out intensive airstrikes on the town of “Kutum” in North Darfur State, western Sudan, and on vital sites in the country.

By targeting the areas around the city of El Fasher, the army aims to destroy human support.

For over two weeks, the capital of North Darfur has witnessed fierce battles between the army and its allied armed movements against the Rapid Support Forces, who are attempting to seize control of the city, the last position where the army still maintains its presence.

Witnesses reported that “the military aircraft carried out the most violent airstrikes on the town of Kutum, northwest of El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, causing civilian casualties.”

They also indicated that the bombing targeted the city’s main hospital.

Strikes in Bahri

Additionally, the military intensified its targeting of sites, including schools and hospitals.

The bombing also affected parts of the Kober neighborhood, as well as Halfiya and the Shambat farms.

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