Damascus: Animal Arrival Delays Postpone Zoo Opening

The delay in the arrival of animals imported from abroad has postponed the grand opening of the Damascus Zoo, which was scheduled for the first day of Eid.

Despite the postponement, the zoo has seen an increasing number of visitors, totaling 50,000 in just one month.

The zoo in the Al-Adawi area of Damascus attracts most Syrian families who seek to entertain their children during Eid at minimal costs, benefiting from the symbolic entrance fee and the possibility to relax under the trees while children enjoy watching rare animals.

The zoo investor, Samer Al-Homsi, told “Athr Press” that the opening would take place after Eid, once all imported animals have arrived and some visitor services are prepared.

The entrance fee to the Damascus Zoo is no more than 5,000 pounds, a nominal amount that encourages visitors, especially compared to the cost of any other outing in the city, where residents suffer from high transportation and restaurant costs.

According to Al-Homsi, efforts are underway to design the most important zoo in Syria in terms of services and the importation of rare animals from different countries, such as bears, tigers, leopards, including black panthers and jaguars, as well as gazelles and various types of birds unknown in the region.

The zoo had opened experimentally during last Eid al-Fitr and continued to welcome visitors to date, but the official opening will take place after all the awaited animals have arrived.

The zoo administration has designed safe cages to protect visitors, especially in areas with dangerous animals, and provided a team of veterinarians with the necessary vaccination records for each animal.

Most visitors to the zoo in the Al-Adawi area of Damascus try to turn their visit into a recreational outing for the whole family, bringing along food and snacks to spend a good time with their children at minimal cost.

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