“Dangerous” dog kills owner on her birthday

A dog of the XL Bully breed killed its owner, Nicole Morey, aged 23, after a vicious attack in her home in Ireland, coinciding with her birthday celebration.

Old videos posted by Nicole on TikTok showed how much she loved and was attached to her dog.

According to close friends, Nicole often defended the “dangerous” breed of her dog despite numerous calls from social media users to ban it, stating that she didn’t care about others’ opinions.

Close friends mentioned that Nicole treated her dog as if it were her own child, and the attack caused shock to everyone who knew her.

A relative told “Mirror” : “Nicole was out celebrating her birthday and returned home, opened the door, and her dog attacked her and mauled her.”

He added: “The police couldn’t separate Nicole from her fierce dog’s teeth and had to shoot it to pull it away from her.”

It is noteworthy that, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, XL Bully dogs caused the deaths of 16 people in 2023.

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