Will Pet Robots Replace Dogs?

The dog has long been dubbed “man’s best friend” among pets, considered a reliable companion. However, this is about to change with the development of artificial intelligence-powered robots that behave similarly to real dogs.

These robots possess characteristics similar to those of dogs, except that they are robots.

Several AI-powered robotic dogs have been unveiled recently and have already caught everyone’s attention.

This raises an obvious question: “Could we ever consider replacing real dogs with an intelligent robotic alternative?”

Concrete Examples

The robotic dog “Dynamic 1,” inspired by the German Shepherd, has a more realistic animal appearance than other versions seen from other brands like “Unitree Go2” or “Spot Robot Dog” from “Boston Dynamics.”

The movements of this robot, such as light stepping, head and body movements, as well as playful jumping, closely resemble those of household pet dogs.

This technological innovation, which represents a new step towards future technological innovations, is not just a toy but an advanced technological piece designed to simulate the traits of dogs. Therefore, it’s not just an ordinary robot, as it can climb stairs with ease, bend, shake hands, and respond to voice commands using four microphones and an advanced AI-based voice recognition algorithm.

As for its control, it’s very easy through a smartphone app or remote control, thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The design of “Dynamic 1” denotes strength and appears robust, and it’s equipped with a front lamp system to illuminate its path, which it also uses as a reaction indicator.

The robotic dog has a central processing unit ensuring dynamic stability and fast recovery after a fall, as well as impressive speeds of up to 3.7 meters per second. Additionally, it’s equipped with a set of cameras and sensors, allowing it to overcome obstacles easily, thus enabling seamless integration into different environments.

This dog doesn’t require maintenance like its living counterparts in terms of traditional pet care; it simply needs to charge its battery with a capacity of 15,000 milliampere-hours, allowing for 90 minutes of continuous use.

Although it doesn’t come with a charging port, which might bother many consumers, it stands out with the ability for quick battery swapping, allowing batteries to be charged independently and replaced with empty ones carried by the dog.

Does it Replace Real Dogs?

The most important question that arises is whether these high-tech dogs can replace our pets, and opinions differ on this.

While some view these dogs as a step forward, much like what happened in the past with horses when humans transitioned from horses to motorized vehicles, others suggest that their role will be limited to being a smart home gadget as long as their battery and internet connection allow it.

Experts predict that if these dogs were equipped with AI-based chatbots, they could become human companions, just as is currently the case with people who choose chatbot companions.

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