New Features of WhatsApp: Learn About Them

WhatsApp developers are working on eliminating the dark green color in favor of a lighter color palette. The new interface will feature a prominent search bar, a square floating action button, and a bottom navigation bar with four equal tabs.

Additionally, the new interface design will include a lighter color system paired with new shapes in the default chat background called doodles.

While there are also smaller changes, they all share a common theme: updating the app’s interface without compromising its simplicity.

Simplifying Access to Emojis

Creating interesting images and sharing media with people is fun, but things wouldn’t be the same if recipients didn’t respond. To avoid the hassle of typing a text reply, WhatsApp already supports emoji reactions for texts and shared media in chats or as status updates.

Developers are now focusing on making these reactions more accessible when viewing media, just like the heart button that appears when viewing Instagram stories.

Artificial Intelligence Services

AI developments continue to reach WhatsApp, but this time in the domain of profile pictures. This tool works just like other online AI image generators, helping you create a custom picture without needing to upload your own photo.

Skillful Download Management

Developers are now working on a download management option that can clear old and unwanted downloads, such as voice messages and copies, in the blink of an eye. This option should be added to WhatsApp‘s cleaning tools when the new version is released.

Clearing Unread Message Notifications

WhatsApp is working on a new setting in the notifications section that automatically clears unread message notifications once the app is opened, saving you the effort of marking each conversation as read or swiping to dismiss notifications. This feature is still in development and may take some time before it’s complete and available for everyone.

New Icon in the Channels List

The version update added a new icon in the list of channels you follow, simply to display all other popular content creators you can follow.

Account Restrictions

With all these upcoming features, WhatsApp remains under everyone’s radar, including those with malicious intentions. Since WhatsApp accounts are primarily linked to your phone number, scammers and telemarketers only need this number to contact you.

Although there is no technology to mitigate spam, WhatsApp has laid the foundations for account restrictions this month.

To deter mass messaging and other unwanted behaviors, it seems the messaging app is working on what are known as account restrictions, which will prevent starting a new chat; leaving you only able to respond to conversations you are already part of. This can deter scammers and ensure your data remains secure.

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