Due to a Camel: 34 Injured in a Bus Overturn Accident in Egypt

Thirty-four people were injured in a bus overturn accident in the “Ras Sudr” area on the Sharm El-Sheikh road in Egypt. The injured were transported to Ras Sudr Hospital to receive the necessary medical treatment.

Security authorities in Ras Sudr received a report indicating the overturn of a bus belonging to a transport company, injuring dozens of passengers. A security force promptly moved to the accident scene, accompanied by several ambulances that transported the injured to Ras Sudr Hospital.

Investigations revealed that the accident occurred due to a camel suddenly appearing on the road in front of the bus, which was traveling at high speed. The driver attempted to avoid hitting the camel, causing the bus to swerve off the road and overturn after colliding with the animal.

Authorities in Ras Sudr stated that the passengers’ injuries included bruises and fractures, with no fatalities reported. Thirteen of the injured were discharged from the hospital after receiving the necessary care. Additionally, two of the injured were transferred to a military hospital in Cairo at their request.

Traffic officers used bulldozers to clear the accident debris from the road to prevent disruption of traffic on the tourist route.

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