Massive Fire in a Residential Building in Miami

US authorities evacuated dozens of individuals from a residential building in Miami on Monday after a massive fire broke out, following a shooting that left one person in critical condition.

Large teams of security, rescue, and firefighting crews rushed to contain the massive flames that engulfed the residential building.

American media reported that about 40 people were rescued from the fire, while authorities found a man shot on the third floor of the building.

Miami Police told “CBS” that the man was found on the third floor and was in critical condition at a local hospital.

Officials said it is still unclear whether the shooting and the fire are connected.

The “BBC” reported that the fire broke out in “Temple Court” apartments, located outside downtown South Florida, noting that the building’s residents are mainly elderly people.

The fire started on the third floor of the building but quickly spread through the 40-unit building, and three firefighters were taken to the hospital due to heat exhaustion.

The “Temple Court” management told local media that the injured person is an employee of the complex, confirming that the reasons for the shooting and the fire are unclear.

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