Erdogan targets tribes in southern Libya to control the country’s richness

Kouloughlis tribes shocked Erdogan


Erdogan received a shock just months ago,
from the Kouloughlis or Turks of Libya,
when they declared their support for the Libyan army
but Erdogan obsessed by the chaos
and devastation,
continues his attempts to disrupt the country’s society,
and this time he is heading to the south
to seek support that would provide him the legitimacy to provoke a war
Security sources revealed Turkish intelligence gathering in Ankara
with members of the Libyan tribes; Berbers, Touareg, and Toubous
The meeting was held under the covert of the Organization for Humanitarian Relief and Freedoms
which is one of the hands of the Turkish intelligence services
et la délégation libyenne composait de Moulay Kedidi, chef du Conseil suprême des tribus touareg
and brahim Wardko, the head of the sheikhs of Toubou
and Muhammad ibn Talib, head of the Supreme Council of Amazighs
The delegation gathered with Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran
The meeting was held a few days before the assembly of Libyan factions in Tunisia
as part of the Turkish and Qatari attempts to reach southern Libya
by hitting national consensus through funding tribal and ethnic conflicts
to control their richness by distributing the chaos.

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