Two top Turkish officials: Turkey will deal with whoever wins US election

Two top Turkish officials declared on Friday that Turkey is ready to deal with whoever wins the U.S. election although a friendship with President Donald Trump that has helped the two countries during hard situations.

On his part, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu reported: Regardless of which candidate takes office in the U.S., we will pursue a sincere approach to improve our relations.

In fact there was in the partnership between the NATO allies that continued over decades, unprecedented conflicts in the past five years about disagreements on Syria policy, Ankara’s closer relations with Moscow and its ambitions in the eastern Mediterranean, also the charges of the U.S against a state-owned Turkish bank and a loss of rights in Turkey.

Cavusoglu also related that Turkey had worked with Democrat and Republican administrations and surpassed the difficulties with the two sides. He spoke when as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden advanced on the President Donald Trump in the state of Georgia, which making the White House on the hand of Biden while the undecided states continued to count votes.

However, Washington has threatened Turkey’s sanctions for purchasing Russian missile defense systems but the administration of Trump avoided sanctions’ imposition.

Cavusoglu said: Of course, individuals have an impact, positive and negative. The sincere friendship between our president and Mr. Trump continued through the most difficult times.

Furthermore, analysts declare that the bilateral relations of Turkey could be affected if Biden becomes U.S. president. The lira that is previously trading at a record low against the dollar could face more pressure. But the Vice President Fuat Oktay, who is the top aide of Erdogan, related that Ankara was not frightened from sanctions.

Oktay informed broadcaster A Haber: No country, including America, has the chance to implement a foreign policy, programme or policy in the region in spite of Turkey or by excluding Turkey.

He also said: Turkey is no longer a country which shrinks from, or is scared of, sanctions. Sanctions would increase further our resolve and our determination.

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