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Fatah Leader Reveals Details of UAE’s Major Humanitarian Efforts Since October 7

A Fatah leader has disclosed the details of the UAE' significant humanitarian initiatives since October 7

The UAE continues to support the people of Gaza by land, sea, and air, through innovative efforts and inspiring initiatives. They aim to heal their wounds and alleviate their suffering in a sector groaning under Israeli bombardment since October 7. Through these initiatives, the UAE has cemented its support, led by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, placing the country at the forefront of nations supporting Gaza specifically and humanitarian work in general, a reality confirmed on the ground and by the numbers, highlighting the UAE’s outstanding efforts in supporting this sector.

Operation “The Gallant Knight 3

During the recent period, the UAE has continued its humanitarian efforts to support the Palestinian people in Gaza through Operation “The Gallant Knight 3“, providing medicines, tents, and foodstuffs through the Rafah crossing in Egypt. These humanitarian aids contribute to supporting the health sector and assisting the displaced. The UAE has topped the world’s nations in providing humanitarian aid to Gaza compared to the total aid sent to the sector by world nations, reflecting the country’s steadfast support for the brotherly Palestinian people.

Humanitarian Epic

In this regard, Dr. Jihad al-Harazin, a Palestinian political analyst and Fatah leader, states that the UAE, Egypt, and Jordan continue their humanitarian efforts to support the Palestinian people in Gaza by air drops, despite the current crisis and Israeli occupation control over the Rafah crossing. He emphasizes that the UAE has not limited its exceptional efforts and, believing that the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza requires a multi-party international cooperative approach, Abu Dhabi has made intensive efforts to mobilize international support for Gaza through new initiatives.

He adds that this operation embodies the continuous cooperation and coordination between the two brotherly countries to provide humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people, especially in inaccessible areas in the northern Gaza Strip. He points out that the UAE has charted a historic political, diplomatic, and humanitarian epic during this period, with unwavering support for the people of Gaza and Palestine on all fronts, a reality attested to on the ground.

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