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Forest Fires in Israel: What is Hezbollah’s Involvement and What are the Consequences?

Forest Fires in Israel and Hezbollah's Involvement

Israel has suffered from widespread forest fires in the north, near Lebanon, where rescue teams are struggling to control the flames and reduce the risks posed by these fires. These forest fires have severely affected the Israeli side recently due to climate change.

Accusations for these forest fires have not yet been directed at the climate. With the outbreak of the October 2023 war in the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah‘s involvement in the conflict with Israel, accusations have been directed at Hezbollah, supported by Iran, for firing rockets into the forests to ignite fires, forcing Israel to mobilize resources in another region.

Intense Forest Fires

Vast areas of forests in northern Israel have been ravaged by fires caused by rockets launched by Hezbollah from Lebanon. Rescue teams are struggling to control them, and authorities have evacuated many Israelis living in towns near the Lebanese border for months due to the escalating fighting between Israel and Hezbollah.

Minor injuries among citizens and house fires have been reported. The Israeli army has sent equipment and soldiers to help contain the rapidly spreading flames due to the hot and dry weather. Six reservists were slightly injured by smoke inhalation and taken to the hospital for treatment.

Hezbollah‘s Incendiary Rockets

The Israeli army stated that the forces have controlled the fire sites and there is no danger to human life at this stage. The Israeli national fire service said its members worked late into the night at several locations, including Kiryat Shmona, where they were trying to protect a row of houses. The police have closed roads and asked residents still in the area to evacuate.

On Sunday, 15 rockets were fired from Lebanon towards areas in northern Israel, all falling in open areas, causing fires in several locations.

Lebanese political analyst Fadi Akoum stated that Hezbollah replicated the forest fires that had affected Israel years ago, causing massive destruction and constituting a major disaster for Israel. Currently, Hezbollah forces have directed rockets towards areas where Israel cannot intercept these rockets and drones, causing forest fires.

Akoum pointed out that these forest fires are economically costly for Israel and slightly divert attention from what is happening in the Gaza Strip, particularly in Rafah, hence Hezbollah‘s recent operations targeting the forests.

Journalist Mona Al-Ameeri said that the fire front in the north is igniting, with the Iron Dome contributing to the forest fires in Safed after a failed interception of two drones launched from Lebanon this morning. The fires constitute a separate front, forcing Israel to face high temperatures and fast winds, resulting in flames reaching tens of meters high and spreading in all directions, devastating thousands of dunams of forests, houses, and properties, not just fires.

Al-Ameeri added that the scenes of the fires, even after being extinguished, leave a black and devastating mark that will stay in the minds of those who still see Israel as a salvation state. Now, the ball is in Netanyahu’s court to conclude a truce as suggested by Biden.

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