American Scientist Fauci Faces Questioning Regarding COVID Origins

The U.S. House Committee is leading an inquiry into the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, regarding the origins of the COVID pandemic.

The committee, led by Republicans, has not found any evidence linking Fauci to the outbreak over the course of a 15-month investigation in the past, but an issue has emerged that led to the interrogation.

The committee revealed email correspondence indicating that Fauci’s former assistants were attempting to circumvent public records laws at the medical research agency he previously headed. Some of the email messages also show Fauci’s concerns about his public image.

Fauci’s agency over the years provided research grants to the “EcoHealth Alliance,” a non-profit group that collaborated with international scientists, including researchers at the Wuhan virus lab in China. This led the committee to focus on this funding as a potential contributor to the “COVID” pandemic, accusing Fauci of cover-up.

While scientists and health officials have confirmed that the viruses studied in the Wuhan lab, funded by the U.S., are different from the virus responsible for the pandemic, Fauci acknowledged the possibility that laboratory research could have led to the outbreak, but he reiterated the possibility that its source was animals.

In his testimony before the committee last January, Fauci pointed out that he believed the virus was a natural occurrence based on early case studies, viral genomes, and evidence from the Wuhan wildlife market.

The committee scrutinized Fauci’s remarks on social distancing rules, mask policies, and vaccine mandates to criticize the U.S. response to “COVID.”

The committee is expected to scrutinize the emails sent by Fauci’s former assistants during the pandemic, which appeared to circumvent public records laws.

Emails revealed concerns among agency officials about disclosing discussions of “political attacks” on their research rather than evidence related to the origins of the pandemic.

Some email messages indicated that sensitive comments were deliberately hidden from journalists and the public. Fauci denied engaging in official acts through his personal email but admitted he was unaware of the email practices of his former assistant.

The committee examined Fauci’s agency’s record-keeping practices and claims surrounding the pandemic’s origins, but so far, no evidence has emerged linking Fauci to the pandemic outbreak or supporting the theory that the virus originated from a lab.

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