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Houthi’s concerns grow over plans to oust the Muslim Brotherhood from Hadhramaut

The Islah Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s arm in Yemen, has expressed concern about the attempts by the legitimate government and the Arab coalition to oust it from its last stronghold in Hadhramaut in eastern Yemen.

Saif Al-Hadheri, the media advisor to Ali Mohsen, the leader of the party’s military wing, launched an unprecedented attack on factions affiliated with the legitimate government, the Presidential Council, and loyal to the Arab coalition, known as the “National Shield” forces. He indicated that the goal of this attack is to expel the remaining forces of his party in the first military region and replace them, according to the Yemeni News website.

Al-Hadheri revealed the details of forming the new forces, explaining that anyone who supports the Muslim Brotherhood or is suspected of belonging to the legitimate government has been rejected for recruitment.

The media advisor admitted the fall of his party’s strongholds, starting from Al-Wadiya to Sayoun, considering that there are real plans to exclude the party.

Al-Hadheri is one of the prominent leaders in the Islah Party who expressed concerns about the recent Saudi moves in the oil-rich Hadhramaut plateau, as it continues to deploy military convoys to the “National Shield” forces in Sayoun and its surroundings, seizing military camps in the first military region.

The “National Shield” forces officially launched their military presence in the Hadhramaut Valley region recently by establishing their first camp.

The “National Shield” forces began building their first camp in the oil-rich Khusha area west of the Hadhramaut Valley, near Brigade 37, loyal to the first military region, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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