Ghannouchi hides the crimes of the Brotherhood and his allies in Parliament

At a time when there is more division in his term in the Tunisian parliament,
the leader of the Brotherhood movement, Ennahdha, Rached Ghannouchi
is surrounded by suspicions of complicity and concealment of corruption and extremism of deputies affiliated to his group,
he hid a judicial request
for the immunity lifting of some of the representatives belonging to the Brotherhood and their allies
who are Ghazi Al-Qarawi, the brother of Nabil Al-Qarawi
Seif Makhlouf and Mohamed Al-Afass belonging to the Dignity Coalition
They are charged in a several cases, including money laundering and tax avoidance
Otherwise, parliamentary sources indicated that Ghannouchi intentionally hidden deputies close to him.
to protect them from accountability
This is in fact an illegal decision and conflicts with the role assigned to the People’s Congress.
Ghannouchi’s crimes do not stop
while he gave a special passport
to the deputy of the Brotherhood Seif Makhlouf to carry out a secret mission in Switzerland
These and other actions pushed the Free Constitutional Party
to publish a copy of the draft political charter under the slogan ‘Correction of the path’
to confront the extremist ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood

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