“Unknown Individuals” Assault Women in New York

Several women in the state of New York, USA, documented videos that spread widely on social media, showing them being assaulted by unknown individuals.

One of them is comedian and writer Sarah Harvard, who said in a video that she was hit on the back of her head by an unknown man while returning home late at night.

Meanwhile, Haley Kate, a TikTok influencer, appeared in a video with bruises on her forehead, stating that she was punched by a man while walking on a street in New York.

A student, Micayla Toninato, studying at a design school, also testified in a video that she was punched in the face by an unknown man.

Following this, the New York Police Department launched an investigation to identify the assailant and later announced that they had arrested a man named Scipuqui Stora, aged 40, in connection with the assault on TikToker Kate.

According to the New York Post, Stora had previously run for city council in the past year but failed.

The police did not disclose whether Stora was involved in other assaults, while some victims on TikTok denied he was the attacker, suggesting the presence of other perpetrators.

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