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Houthi militia continue to terrorize shipping lanes in Yemen. Details

The Houthi militia continues its aggressive practices that threaten international maritime shipping, particularly after Iranian drones have targeted cargo ships in the Arabian and Red Seas, as well as maritime mines, as well as environmental disasters and potential humanitarian damage from the potential oil spill from the Safer tanker.

Threats to Iran

A report by Rouya revealed that security threats to Iran and its local proxies in the region do not stop, but rather widen and increase in costs, due to, among other considerations, the stalemate in the Vienna negotiations to revive the nuclear agreement, the involvement of Iran’s protests in the Russian-Ukrainian war, and Iran’s refusal to end the deadlocked situation in Yemen; “Tehran is enticed to expand its regional influence and pursue its foreign interests while aligning itself with Moscow, threatening the West and the United States.”

Iran’s endeavors

A US intelligence report asserts that “Iran’s missile capabilities will continue, its use of drones, and naval capabilities continue to threaten the commercial and military assets of the United States and its Middle Eastern partners,” and that Iran’s ballistic missile programs, which already contain the region’s largest stockpiles of ballistic missiles, remain a threat to Middle Eastern countries.

A threat to the world

Abdul Hafeez Nahari, a Yemeni analyst, said: “Iran’s threats and support to al-Houthi do not stop, but rather they expand and increase their costs due to, among other things, the stagnation of the negotiations to revive the nuclear agreement and the involvement of the Iranian drones in the Russian-Ukrainian war.”

He added that Iran’s economic and military support to the Houthis in Yemen, through the provision of a number of advanced military systems, poses a threat to the whole world and international and regional interests, including international maritime navigation, whether oil or other.

He continued, “The major economies all agree on the need to stop the phenomenon of tampering represented by the Houthis in Yemen, which has become a threat to the entire international system, and to condemn a danger that has spread beyond Yemen to the interests of the entire world.”

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