The Southern Transitional Council opens fire on the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood – Details

The Assistant Executive Director of the Southern Transitional Council in Wadi and the Desert of Hadramaut, Mohammed Abdul-Malik al-Zubaidi, said that the Reform Party (the Muslim Brotherhood’s branch in Yemen) is an extremist group that relies on a takfiri and divisive ideology, seeking to establish an “Islamic” state in Yemen.

Al-Zubaidi added in a statement reported by Yemen News: “The terrorist Reform Party is not a political party in the commonly understood sense, but rather a group that exploits religion to justify its crimes and actions.” He pointed out that the party does not believe in democracy, partnership, or pluralism but rather believes in exclusion, marginalization, and expulsion.

The statements from the leader of the Southern Transitional Council came in conjunction with a social media campaign against the party under the hashtag (#الإخوان_إرهاب_عابر_للقارات), which means “The Brotherhood: Terrorism Crossing Continents.”

The President of the Executive Authority for the Council in Wadi and the Desert of Hadramaut called for the need to fight against this party and remove it from Hadramaut Governorate and all the southern governorates since it is considered a dangerous enemy trying to hinder the dream of restoring the federal southern state and harming it.

 added, “We demand the expulsion of this party from Hadramaut and the restoration of the sovereignty of the southern people over their land and resources.” He pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood faces popular rejection in Hadramaut because of their interference in the affairs of the province, their attempt to impose control over its institutions and resources, and their incitement of discord and conflicts in the southern governorates that cling to their right to belong to the south and seek independence.

He warned of the dangers of this bloody party and the need to end its negative impact on security, stability, and development.

Al-Zubaidi explained that the Yemeni Reform Assembly practices a policy of terrorism, sabotage, and corruption. It uses violence and intimidation to silence any opposing voices or demands for the right to regain its land and resources.

 emphasized that the people in Hadramaut have every right to reject the terrorist Reform Party and demand its expulsion from the province. They also have every right to cooperate with the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which support the security and stability of Hadramaut and fight terrorism in all its forms.

Hundreds of activists launched the hashtag (#الإخوان_إرهاب_عابر_للقارات) to expose the scandals of the Reform Party as it celebrated its 33rd anniversary.

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