How Does Exercise Affect Your Sleep Quality?

A recent study, conducted over several years, has revealed the significant impact of physical exercise on sleep quality.

Published by “The Independent,” the study indicates that regular physical activity, which includes exercising twice a week or more for at least one hour, is associated with a 42% lower risk of experiencing difficulty falling asleep, as well as a 22% reduced likelihood of developing symptoms of insomnia.

The newspaper explained that those who consistently engaged in exercise over time were 55% more likely to enjoy natural sleep patterns and less prone to experiencing severe sleep periods. It noted that individuals who previously led sedentary lifestyles but started exercising during the study period saw a 21% increase in the likelihood of sleeping normally.

The study, which included data from 9 European countries and over 4000 participants, confirmed the benefits of exercise on sleep health, cautioning that these benefits may diminish if physical activity is discontinued.

The findings of the recent study highlight the importance of encouraging individuals to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives to enhance their health and sleep quality.

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