Defectors Reveal Secrets of the Muslim Brotherhood and Its Ideologies

The channel (Al Arabiya) has launched a new talk show that will host several defectors from the Muslim Brotherhood, who have undergone significant intellectual and organizational experiences.

The program “Revisions,” hosted by Diaa Rashwan, the head of Egypt’s General Information Authority, former journalists’ syndicate president, and prominent researcher on Islamic movements, will feature guests such as Abdel Jalil El-Sharnouby, Mokhtar Noah, Tharwat El-Kharabawy, Sameh Eid, Nahed Imam, and others. Each guest will appear in separate episodes to provide insights into their personal experiences with the Brotherhood, according to Al Arabiya.

The guests will discuss their personal experiences and the reasons that led them to review their ideas, renounce extremism, and leave the organization, which is listed as a terrorist group in many countries.

The show opens a window, supported by documents, on the ideologies and mechanisms of the Muslim Brotherhood, their methods, and their thought processes.

The first episode features journalist and former editor-in-chief of (Ikhwan Online) Abdel Jalil El-Sharnouby, who will discuss his experience with the Brotherhood, which he “dreamed of since childhood” and joined willingly, initially viewing it with idealism. However, he reveals that the higher he climbed in the organization’s ranks, the more he discovered a reality that contradicted his ideological beliefs.

El-Sharnouby compares the Brotherhood‘s ideas to an organizational germ that infiltrates its members’ bodies, consuming them entirely.

He continued by stating that whenever he confronted the organization with its mistakes, its leaders would say, “We are in an exceptional situation because of authoritarian regimes, and we are not able to reform.”

Former leader Abdel Jalil El-Sharnouby added that he decided to leave the Brotherhood in 2009. However, his proximity to the Guidance Bureau led Khairat El-Shater to advise him to remain within the ranks to avoid retaliation. He waited until the January 25 Revolution in 2011 to announce his resignation to Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and former president Mohamed Morsi.

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